Women’s Bodies on Digital Battlefields

  • sexual and reproductive health rights
  • digital security
  • safety
  • visibility
  • anonymity
  • feminism
Theme illustration

Sexual and reproductive health and rights and the activists defending them are under attack across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). This paper is a short English-language summary of an 18 month long study about the risks and attacks pro-choice activists face, how their activism is interwoven with personal networks of support, and their struggle to balance visibility with anonymity online and off.

The study has been developed in collaboration with activists, scholars, technologists and artists who have taken part in Tactical Tech's Gender and Technology Institutes in LAC in 2016-2017. The original Spanish-language research report that this summary draws from, and an English translation of the full report, will be published in the coming weeks and months. This research was developed and conducted by Alexandra Hache and Mayeli Sanchez Martinez.